Windows Backup File Recovery Tool - A Reliable Solution

Restore Windows Backup Data

Backup can be considered a saviour for users who have lost access to their original data. It is only with the help of backup that a user can get back their data in situations like physical malfunction of a system or external hard drives. Similarly, while we talk about the users of the Windows system, it is mandatory to create a backup of our data to avoid any scenarios that may lead to the loss of data.

Many users are familiar with the Windows XP NTBackup utility for the purpose of creating a bkf file and restoring data as well. However, in many cases, the user may not be able to access the BKF file due to issues like incompatibility, corruption, etc. The content will go over how to use the Windows Backup File Recovery Tool to restore data from bkf files.


Windows Backup File Recovery Software provides a reliable way to recover Windows Backup files regardless of the state of the file, ranging from a healthy to a corrupted state. The tool supports Windows NTBackup File, helping users extract data from BKF files since they are no longer supported in newer versions of the Windows OS. It imposes no limit on the size of the backup file and restores data from Symantec VERITAS Backup Exec files as well. It provides its users with the option of choosing any of the available scan options, namely Quick, Advanced, or Range.

Need of Windows Backup File Recovery Tool

Many situations may arise that could lead to the inaccessibility of backup files. All the issues responsible for the same can be overcome with the help of one solution, i.e., the Windows Backup Recovery Utility. Some of the scenarios are discussed below.

Windows Incompatibility Issues

BKF files can only be created and restored with the NTBackup utility, which was present in Windows NT/XP/2003 versions. The file cannot be recovered by any of the later versions of Windows. However, the tool has the capability to recover data from any BKF file.

Corrupted Windows BKF File

Issues like virus intrusion, hardware/software failure, hard drive crash, etc. can corrupt the file, making it hard for users to restore the original data. The tool can be used to resolve the data from a BKF file that is in a corrupt state.

Issues in NTBackup Utility

The NTBackup Utility does not have ability to recover data from any BKF file that is damaged or corrupted. In order to restore BKF file data back, user can use this tool.

Missing Catalog Files of BKF

If the catalog file that is created with every Windows BKF file is missing, restoration of the contents of the BKF file becomes impossible. Windows BKF Recovery is the solution for this.

What makes the tool Unique?

The tool has been enhanced with attractive features making it unparalleled from other recovery solutions stated below:

  • » Guaranteed Restoration of Damaged Backup file Data
  • » Supports recovery of complete data from Backup
  • » Converts NTBackup & Symantec VERITAS BKF files
  • » Imposes no size limitation on the Backup File
  • » Provides Multiple Scanning Recovery Modes

Trial Version Available Free of Cost

Users can access the software's demo version, which is available for free on the company's official website. Its goal is to help users understand the tool's functionality and operation before purchasing the licence version. The trial version comes with a limitation that allows only a preview of the recovered data without extraction. However, this limitation can be overcome by the licence version.