How To Restore Corrupt BKF File : The Answer Is Here

BKF Repair

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Secure Your hard Drive Data: Maintain A Healthy Backup!

The worst of time have passed away when securing critical data and information was a disheveled task. Nowadays, technology has proved its existence with development of various reliable mode to safeguard significant data in the form of computer backups which means no more mess up with Photostat of important documents, keeping lovable images at safe place.


NTBackup utility available with Windows Operating System made it easy to backup crucial files and folders so that in the absence of original information, backup files can be utilized.

Backups can Cop-Out: Be Alert!

The main problem associated with BKF file is they are delicate and hence easily prone to corruption. To understand the trouble with BKF, let us consider a scenario. Suppose you created backup of some important files with the help of Backup Exec 11D and when you tried to restore it, you came across an error message that states: "e00084b7 - a backup set was created which contains no data". This error message can be a result of following reasons:

  • User is trying to restore BKF file from an offline media
  • BKF file is corrupted due to reasons like
  • Missing catalog file
  • Installing Windows with different product key
  • Running BITS with backup
  • Virus Attack
  • Low memory due to FAT file system

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